Top Challenges in Shipping Project and Breakbulk Cargo and How to Solve Them

In the world of shipping, project and breakbulk cargo operations are complex categories to handle. Project Cargo is usually for construction, mining, and oil and gas projects. Breakbulk can include items such as steel coils, bags of grain, or heavy machinery. Both often require manual handling and specialized equipment to load and unload, a process […]

Empowering Maritime Leaders with Low-Code Platforms

The shipping industry is undergoing a digital transformation, as technologies emerge daily, providing an opportunity to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase safety. And Low-Code platforms can play a crucial role in this transition, given the industry complexity and need for customization. According to Gartner, low-code development technologies are expected to grow 20% in 2023, […]

Embracing Digitalization in the Maritime Industry

The shipping industry has been going through a transformation for many years, still with some claiming that it is an old industry and slow to digitize. New technologies emerge daily, providing an opportunity to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase safety through maritime digitalization. However, this change also comes with a level of resistance, as […]

Understanding the Basics of Demurrage

In this first post of a series about Demurrage, we’ll cover the basics of demurrage and laytime, the relationship between charter parties and demurrage claims, and how statement of facts can be detrimental to the demurrage negotiation process. Demurrage has always been a risk and, often, a significant cost in bulk shipping. Defined as a […]

Maritime Workflows: Best Practices for Charterers

In this second part of the series, you will look deeper into how automated workflows can support maritime operations. We’ll explore different use cases and examples of how you can use Voyager workflows to streamline processes and improve efficiency in the marine industry. PS: If you missed the first episode of this series, click here to […]

Digital platforms SEDNA and Voyager join forces to advance global voyage management

New tech integration will make data from the two solutions instantly available to maritime users to quickly and easily manage voyage documents, smoothing out an otherwise potentially burdensome process.  SEDNA, the enterprise email solution set up to transform business processes by connecting email with core business systems, and Voyager, the operations management platform for bulk commodity […]

What’s Next in Maritime: Charting the Course for 2023 Success!

What’s Next in Maritime: Charting the Course for 2023 Success!

2022 was another strong year for technology in the maritime industry driven by an increasingly complex economic, regulatory and geopolitical environment: Emissions-reporting deadlines accelerated the need for emissions tracking, simulation, and reporting solutions. The war in Ukraine placed pressure across the industry on crew management, freight rate volatility, and sanctions compliance, and impending global concerns […]

Voyager named a 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in latest Gartner research

The Gartner Cool Vendors report is a research-based publication that provides analysis on various topics related to technology. The publication highlights interesting, new and innovative vendors, products, and services.  In the latest report, Gartner showcased the importance of digitalization for supply chain organizations, specifically in the Logistics and Fulfillment sector. As constraints on labor, operating […]

Stellium and Voyager Portal Announce Partnership

Stellium and Voyager Portal have announced a first of its kind partnership to bring a fully integrated SAP TM and Bulk shipping operations platform to global markets.  Until now, Transportation Management solutions have struggled to handle the nuances and complexities of global bulk commodity shipping. Instead, TM solutions have been focused on helping businesses manage […]