Why Teams Choose Voyager

Workflow management

Increase productivity across teams to ensure supply chain reliability

Analytics & tracking

Enhance commercial and operational decision-making

Integrations and APIs

Reduce manual data entry and human error


Drive efficiency across all stakeholders

Connect and collaborate with your internal and external partners to streamline communications and tasks

Increase productivity across teams
Workflow management keeps teams up-to-date and in control.
Integrate and collaborate
Identify process bottlenecks and drive continuous improvement with stakeholders.
Analyze and track data
Auto-track vessel itineraries and get notified of potential and actual delays.

Voyager serves all sectors of bulk shipping


Supported by

Our management team has over 60 years of experience across maritime, technology and commodities

Matthew Costello, CEO & Co-founder

Matthew brings deep maritime expertise across the bulk shipping industry from time spent with Stolt-Nielsen in various commercial and management roles, spanning Singapore, the Netherlands and the US.

Bret Smart, COO & Co-founder

Bret’s career has taken him from system integration projects in Singapore with Stolt-Nielsen to remote African mining operations with management consulting firm Partners in Performance. He has had multi-disciplinary IT, commodities and maritime experience.

Sanjay Vadi, Technology strategist

Sanjay has extensive software and Product Management experience from his time at HP and most recently Boeing. His professional career has included time with leading SV startups helping them grow their technical teams and partnerships.

John Ansley, Senior advisor

John has many years experience across the IT landscape. His experience, gained in multiple industries, includes roles as CIO, in advisory, business development, digital transformation programs, and creating new international ICT organizations.