Maritime Workflows: Best Practices for Charterers

In this second part of the series, you will look deeper into how automated workflows can support maritime operations. We’ll explore different use cases and examples of how you can use Voyager workflows to streamline processes and improve efficiency in the marine industry. Workflow Example #1: Ship to Shore and Noon Reporting Best for Traders, […]

Unlocking Workflows Best Practices and Use Cases with Voyager Portal: Part 1

In this series, you will have access to use cases that demonstrate how workflows can be used to solve maritime operations problems more efficiently. We will look at how automated workflows can solve various business pains for our customers in the maritime industry and how Voyager has been fundamental in solving these pains in a […]

6 ways low-code technology can improve business agility

From the pandemic to increased shipping regulations, the world of maritime bulk shipping is experiencing change faster than ever before. Bulk shippers can no longer rely on a tried and true way of thinking. McKinsey states that organizations that exhibit business agility outperform competitors in an ever changing environment. Low code is the one technology […]

Bulk shipping knowledge consolidated.

Smart customers make life easier. Voyager Portal deeply values the free-flowing exchange of ideas and insights between our team members and our clients. For example, such collaboration enhances our ability to streamline the execution of bulk shipping processes for our customers.  With each new implementation, customers teach us new and better methods. Improved methods Firstly, […]

Lack of supply chain visibility particularly acute in project logistics

Voyager wind Brownsville

Article by Janet Nodar, Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift Supply chain visibility — or rather, the lack thereof — is a chronic frustration across the transport logistics supply chain, and nowhere more so than in project logistics. On the container transport side, a slew of platforms, modal specialists, and supply chain management (SCM) providers […]