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3 best practices for reducing demurrage cost and risk

In the bulk shipping industry demurrage costs can exceed 20% of the total freight cost for a single voyage. Understanding your demurrage is key to understanding port congestions, contract inefficiency, and risk across the entire supply chain. What are some of the best practices to get the most out of your demurrage data?

Patrick Long, Director of Opportune shares three operational best practices when it comes to managing your bulk marine supply chain! 

[Webinar] How is the Russia-Ukraine war impacting shipping markets?

Voyager Portal and Tony Foster, shipping expert, and CEO of Marine Capital, and Gihan Ismail, Director and shareholder of Marine Capital Ltd for an in-depth discussion on how Russia-Ukraine war is impacting global shipping markets.

[Webinar] How does having a single source of truth reduce operational risk for each voyage?

While collaboration is wonderful, collaboration alone is not a strategy for bringing about data analysis and actionable insight in order to properly manage your marine supply-chain risk.

Learn what options exist for optimizing your decision-making process and risk management through the development of a single source of truth.

As part of Voyager’s interview series with industry thought-leaders, we talked with Patrick Long and Ross Benton, directors with Opportune, a Houston-based management consulting firm. Opportune specializes in the energy industry.

How feasible is the transition to a Liquid Natural Gas-fueled future?

As part of Voyager’s interview series with industry thought-leaders, we talked with Ryan Lynch, Former Managing Director of Clearlake Shipping (Gunvor) and now Managing Partner at Maritime Opportunity Investment Corp.

Watch to learn what you need to know about the viability of a future that’s driven by LNG.

As part of Voyager’s thought-leadership series, Ryan Lynch, managing partner of Maritime Opportunity Investment Corp., discussed the viability of LNG as an alternative-fuel option.

Voyager’s CEO, Matthew Costello, and Dennis Mattola took part in the 2021 Project Cargo Summit. Together they discuss the major risks and costs impacting the Project and Break Bulk segments.

Voyager’s CEO Matthew Costello was profiled by Techstars Energy. 

CEO Matthew Costello was interviewed about the maritime industry for South by Southwest 2021.

Voyager’s CEO Matthew Costello, spoke at the Rice Alliance’s 2020 Energy Tech Venture Day.