Voyager Blog

April 2019 - New York City, USA

Matt and Bret traveled to Manhattan for a week to connect with potential investors and meet a few shipowners.  This was a great opportunity to physically meet key decision makers and introduce our founders team.

New York City has historically been the seat of maritime trade and commerce in the United States. While much of this business has now shifted down to Houston, there is still a large swath of shipowners located in Connecticut, just a train-ride away. Everyone knows that New York is famous for its culture, nightlife and food. Alan, our senior developer, was also in town and we managed to have a few team meetings, as well as try outstanding cuisine like 99-cent pizza in Little Italy and brazed chicken feet in Chinatown!

March 2019 - Muscat, Oman

Voyager was in Muscat, Oman, in April taking part in the Spark Labs Energy demo day. In the upcoming months, the team will be working with Phaze Ventures and Spark Labs to build out their regional presence in the Middle East, using Muscat as their launchpad.

The Sultanate of Oman has an illustrious history as a seafaring country, both as a fishing capital and as a commercial hub and shipbuilder. Matt also had a chance to spend a few hours out in the Gulf of Oman on a beautiful motorboat!