Voyager Platform Features: Demurrage Early Warning System

Demurrage has historically been an after the fact calculation done by charterers, brokers, and shipowners. These calculations are a factor of laytime used vs laytime allowed while taking into consideration any exceptions or deductions that were agreed prior to the voyage in the charter party. How Voyager does demurrage differently At Voyager, we don’t feel […]

Voyager Platform Features: Dynamic Deadline Management

With customers across multiple verticals, we quickly realized tracking task deadlines isn’t a one size fits all use case. Many of the workflows we build require flexibility surrounding when a specific task is due within a process. On top of that, the due date for a task can often change within the same workflow from […]

Voyager Platform Features: Workflow Modeler

If we were to dissect the Voyager platform and look at the engine of the system, we would see the workflow modeler. Whether users need to collaborate with internal or external stakeholders, automate processes, collect and analyze data, or project manage voyages, it all starts with the workflow modeler. What is the modeler? The workflow […]