Natural Gas Plays a Decisive Role in the Clean Energy Transition


It’s no doubt the transition to renewable energy sources is facing significant challenges: Shortage of agricultural products for biofuels, ongoing geopolitical tensions, and the complexity of managing low-carbon supply chains have deferred the pace of the global energy transition.  And as we repeatedly meet UN carbon neutrality deadlines, LNG is revealed to be a potential […]

Updates on Emissions Regulations and What This Means for Charterers

Keeping track of current changes in maritime emissions regulations is a challenging task. With so many initiatives and new norms being implemented, trying to provide frameworks to capture and report on emissions, makes the topic extremely complex for operators, shipowners, and commodity manufacturers. Besides, while there is not a single common practice across the industry to […]

Zero Marine Emissions through Data & Collaboration


The shipping industry is responsible for 90% of global trade, accounts for somewhere between 2-3% of global carbon emissions and is expected to expand at an annual average of 2.1% from 2023 to 2027. But as other parts of the world economy are already working to decarbonize, there’s still a long way to go when […]