What’s Next in Maritime: Charting the Course for 2023 Success!

What’s Next in Maritime: Charting the Course for 2023 Success!

2022 was another strong year for technology in the maritime industry driven by an increasingly complex economic, regulatory and geopolitical environment:

Emissions-reporting deadlines accelerated the need for emissions tracking, simulation, and reporting solutions. The war in Ukraine placed pressure across the industry on crew management, freight rate volatility, and sanctions compliance, and impending global concerns of a market slowdown have sparked many to accelerate automation and data initiatives that will give their company an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

As founders with maritime experience building a company for this industry, our commitment is to help our customers succeed during these challenging times by reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of every voyage. 

And with customers across all sides of the industry (charterers, brokers, and shipowners), Voyager has responded to these challenges with agility, global coverage, and a rigid focus on solving problems that can drive tangible results to our customers.


Last year we…

Voyager 2022 Accomplishments
  • Were selected as one of the 50 Most Innovative Maritime Startups by Thetius, and rewarded by Gartner as one of their Cool Vendors in Supply chain for 2022;
  • Extended our global reach by opening offices in London and Singapore, and welcomed new customers, including Suzano, Gyxis, Mcquilling, and US Ocean, with more to be announced soon;
  • Onboarded lots of new companies resulting in thousands of voyages managed and hundreds of companies collaborating on the platform;
  • Launched our Demurrage Module that automates parsing for PDF Statements of Facts, bringing the company closer to its vision to automate demurrage calculations;
  • Expanded our commodity scope and expertise with product use cases now extending to LNG, Crude Oil, Petrochemicals, LPG, Wind, forestry, minerals, heavy equipment, offshore drilling, and specialty chemicals;
  • And helped our customers design hundreds of new low-code workflows that solve business problems such as vessel nominations, bunker appointments, trucking RFQs, noon reports, vessel clearances, demurrage and laytime estimates, emissions tracking, and inventory/cargo consignment.

Looking forward to 2023

Apart from the current industry challenges, we are incredibly excited about the future of the maritime industry and how Voyager will continue to shape this future. We still have a long way to go toward creating a cleaner and more efficient marine supply chain, but thanks to our customers, we are getting closer each year, and we are confident that with hard work, dedication, and collaboration, we can continue to achieve great things in the upcoming years.

We believe the industry still has a long way to go regarding automation, data insights, and interconnectivity. In 2023 we will continue to invest heavily in R&D as a percentage of total spending while focusing on solving our customers’ most pressing and challenging problems. 

Our team has already made tremendous strides toward this goal, but there is still much more to do. We look forward to continuing our journey together and creating an even brighter future for Voyager.

Written by Matthew Costello and Bret Smart

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