The Role of a Voyage Management System in Commodity Shipping

Maritime supply chains have complicated processes, involving a network of shipping companies, cargo handling facilities, ports, and customs & regulatory agencies. That’s why many commodity traders and manufacturers use a Voyage Management System, or VMS: An application that handles the operational and financial aspects of chartering a vessel.

A Voyage Management System (VMS) is a platform that is optimized to handle all key processes for commodity traders and manufacturers that charter vessels. This often includes modules for demurrage, noon reporting, vessel tracking, cargo inspections, and more.

Key Benefits of a VMS


One of the biggest advantages of having a voyage management solution is visibility of your operations and leveraging data that is normally buried in email and excel. Without a VMS, chartering and operations teams are estimating costs and tracking voyages and other expenses all via excel.


Chartering teams often have several siloed spreadsheets that may not be clear to other employees. Whilst excel gives you operational flexibility, you have a high risk of human error via manual data entry. A VMS also empowers you to audit trail your data, which is essential for tracking important processual or contractual changes.


A VMS enables you to collaborate with your 3rd party stakeholders in one single platform, ensuring information is always up to date and centralized. This means that you and your team are notified in real time about any new important documentation, freight tender, ETA or route changes.

About Voyager

With Voyager, commodity traders and manufacturers can manage their pre and post fixture operations in a single place. Teams can increase operational performance by automating manual tasks, connect all your counterparties in one platform, and use real-time insights to reduce voyage costs such as freight and demurrage.

Designed for Charterers Customize Voyager to your Business All Operational Data in One Place
Voyager is optimized to handle all key processes for commodity manufacturers that charter non-containerized vessels. Voyager is built around low-code technology, where users can easily create or manipulate any process, workflow, formulary, or dataset. Keep all teams alerted to ship delays, ETA changes, and weather events by providing them with permission-based access to Voyager.
Integrate Voyager to your Tech Stack Collaborate with Internal and External Parties Backed by Experience
Connect Voyager to your c/etrm, ERP or other custom based applications via API integration. With Voyager, your internal and external stakeholders are aligned in real time by collaborating on the same platform. Founded by former maritime and software executives, we are a response to the communication and data challenge that overwhelms the industry.

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