Six quotes from the 2021 Breakbulk Americas conference, in case you missed the event

“Shippers are moving from Just in Time to Just in Case”  – Daniel Maffei FMC Chairman. The disruptions in the supply chain have impacted production because of the Just in Time philosophy.  These disruptions are changing the producer’s behavior to “get what I can, even if I don’t need it right now”. This panic buying mentality is further exacerbating an already strained global supply chain.

Close collaboration between shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders is the best tool we have to manage freight rates” – Maersk project cargo manager 

“High freight rates and market volatility will last as long as 2024 based on the current scenario” – Executive at top 5 global EPC

The appetite for Wind Energy in the US has increased tremendously in recent years and it’s here to stay. Our biggest challenge in keeping up with demand is the logistical challenge.” – Percy Pyne, Founder, and CEO, Green Shipping Line 

“When it comes to sustainability, collective responsibility is necessary.  Taking cues from our industry commitment to safety we can collectively come together to take similar actions in support of a commitment to building a cleaner, green world.” – Stephen Spoljaric, Bechtel

“Logistics Performance is vital for Green Energy and specifically Wind Energy.  Supply chain plays a key role in creating a circular production cycle for the future of clean energy.”  Timothy Alexsson, Liberty Green Logistics

“I have a renewed perspective on the Jones Act” – FMC chairman. The shortage of space to move goods into the US has created crucial goods shortages. FMC can compel US flag carriers to prioritize critical items, whilst they have no such control over foreign flag carriers.

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