Q1 Product update

Voyager continues its mission to add core features to enhance its collaborative capabilities and allow more information from third parties to enter the platform. At the end of Q1 we added a new feature, Voyager’s “social network”. It allows users to “tag” other users, groups, or companies in a particular work stream.

Tagged users receive instantaneous email notifications, meaning that any questions or comments about a BL figure or other input can now be solved entirely outside of the platform — a very useful capability for users who are on their phone or simply don’t log in often. Another crucial step in bringing in and structuring outside information is the development of our email filer.  

If our bot@voyagerportal.com address is copied onto an email, Voyager now automatically sorts/files all types of documentation related to a voyage (think BL, SOF, NORs, claims, etc.) and acts as an ideal repository for the full supply chain.

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