Delighting your customers, in a crazy, broken, supply-chain world

“Supply chain” may just be the hottest topic in the world at the moment. Companies are scrambling to shore up their supply chain — looking for reliability, predictability, and quality. So how can you ensure that, within this chaos, your customers don’t look elsewhere for better service?

You do this by deploying a strategy of “customer stickiness.” This means that your value proposition is so clear and compelling that your customers will always return. That is, they will stick to you.

Here are some tactical ways to drive that stickiness and still remain focused on the big picture:

  1. Improve lines of communication. Look for more convenient modes to update your customers; email, spreadsheet, and fax have all become outdated. Many clients prefer systems that integrate chat software. It’s critical to be amenable to these methods.

  2. Provide additional service. Customers likely need help in ways they can’t even identify. Be prepared to explore methods to help collect and assess documentation faster.

  3. Show new insights. Share graphs, historical trends, and future projections on costs and processes that your customer has never seen before. She/he will thank you for it later.

  4. Be transparent. All vendors claim transparency. Here’s your opportunity to walk the walk: if something doesn’t quite go according to plan, be honest about it!

  5. Communicate early and often. Tell your receivers in advance about a shipment that may be delayed, so they can act accordingly. Overcommunication is not possible.

Ultimately, the best way to “stay sticky” with your customers is to establish yourself as a trusted partner. Act like an extension of their business that wants to improve their success and profitability.

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