Bulk shipping knowledge consolidated.

Smart customers make life easier.

Voyager Portal deeply values the free-flowing exchange of ideas and insights between our team members and our clients. For example, such collaboration enhances our ability to streamline the execution of bulk shipping processes for our customers.  With each new implementation, customers teach us new and better methods.

Improved methods

Firstly, we learn how to better manage RFQs. Secondly, customers show us simple ways for nominating third parties. Moreover, these methods improve the almost endless, daily activities necessary to ship ocean bulk-freight.

Voyager currently supports hundreds of workflows that manage bulk-shipping processes for the industry’s biggest companies.   Each new, designed workflow improves our ability to better assist customers as they tackle specific challenges. 

For instance, consider the demurrage-claim process. The way that a shipper manages single load and single disport whole-ship cargos is quite different from a specialty, chemical load — especially if it is one of 35 on a single-parcel tanker.


In fact, so many learnings have been accrued from our customers that we’ve consolidated this knowledge into our library of recommended practice workflows available for use by all of our customers.  As a result, this approach provides several benefits:

  • Gain the knowledge of your peers Each workflow in the customer library has the best elements built-in from previous workflows.  If your team is working ad hoc, this is a great opportunity to implement a standard process.
  • Quicker time-to-value – Standard workflows reduce the amount of time necessary to transfer process knowledge.  This makes it possible for your team to be up and loving Voyager Portal in less than 2 months! 
  • Proven, out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards Out of the box reports and dashboards supporting each workflow have been standardized.  We’re continuously improving these tools based on input provided by our customers.

Here is a glimpse into our vault of standard, recommended practice workflows and the value they deliver:


Tonnage Procurement – Distribute RFQ/RFIs to our carrier network in a rapid and consistent manner.  Easily compare structured responses.  Frequently poll the market for tonnage availability and freight rates even for projects scheduled months in the future.

Voyage operations

Third Party Appointments – Manage 3rd-party actions (like a cargo inspection) from nomination through attendance and report submission all the way to invoice review and approval.  Trigger the workflow and related reminders for timely execution.  Collect all cargo shipment information in a single place for future reference.

Post voyage

Demurrage Management – Compare clean, recap terms with statement of facts to validate demurrage claims.  Manage the claims process to eliminate missing time-bars for claim rebilling.

Rig Moves – The entire Rig Move:  from scope of work generation, through the actual move, all the way to recovery.  Workflows help customers such as Equinor centralize the execution and collection of all information.

Scope of work management – Manage the collaboration necessary to deliver a successful scope of work.  Understand and assign outstanding action items and associate time estimates to establish your project baselines.

To sum up, at Voyager Portal, we love our smart customers and their smart practices! These are just a few examples from our library of recommended practice workflows. 

Click here to see a list of workflow highlights.

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