Breaking Down Voyager’s Mission

Advancing the energy industry towards a zero waste and transparent marine supply chain

‘Advancing the energy industry’

Voyager Portal’s customers play a critical role in the capture, distribution, and storage of energy. Whether a commodity trader shipping chemicals or an OEM shipping turbines, the propagation of the energy industry is at our core. 

‘Zero waste’ 

The energy industry is asset-heavy, highly complex, and hamstrung by manual processes. This creates a breeding ground for waste across the value chain. For some of our customers, this means seeing their best people spend 40% of the day on low-value, low-complexity tasks. For others, it is about optimizing safety stock levels and reducing demurrage charges. Voyager Portal plays its part in helping the industry by supporting the efficient allocation of capital and labor.


For Voyager Portal customers, transparency is about the frictionless flow of information and data across the value chain. In one study we tracked that a single ETA update was passed through 8 different groups, 5 companies, and generated 300 emails before it got to the final recipient. By reducing process bottlenecks and putting data analytics in the hands of every user, we are making the entire shipping process more transparent for the industry.

‘Marine supply chain’

The marine supply chain refers to all marine activities involved in the transportation of goods or people. For some of our customers, this includes the port-to-port storage and transportation of goods via sea. For others, it is physically-supplied offshore assets with people and material. The marine supply chain is expansive and complex.

If you’d like to learn more about how Voyager’s mission can be applied to your marine supply chain, reach out to schedule a time to chat with an industry expert!

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