Best in class maritime shipping software adapts to your workflows vs forcing you to adapt to it

The lack of flexibility of maritime shipping software to adapt to the nuances of the industry has forced users and companies to rely on email and spreadsheets as their primary form of engagement. The reliance on emails and spreadsheets cost the maritime industry billions of dollars each year in lost productivity. A study Voyager Portal conducted in 2017 revealed that professionals in the maritime industry are spending 40% of their day on low-value low complexity tasks.


For one of our customers, an oil trader, a single spreadsheet was consuming 600hrs p.a. of the team’s time.

The problem lies within how maritime shipping technology was and continues to be built. 

Large enterprise and legacy systems continue to require their customers to change their workflows to meet the requirements of the system or face large customization costs. This forces many companies to go for an out-of-the-box solution which will inevitably result in process gaps. 

Teams often will patch together the problem by creating their own solutions. This will consist of spreadsheets, shared folders, and implicit procedures. As a result, the company has new technology but the same problems persist. This inhibits the ability to scale revenues whilst maintaining headcount.

The best maritime shipping technology is now developed on low-code architecture which allows end-to-end workflows to be easily mapped and configured.

For many teams, this means eliminating the spreadsheets and folders binding your companies processes together.

This has massive implications for companies looking to increase their IT ROI:

  1. Training and onboarding hours can be reduced by up to 60%
  1. Reduced change management risk
  1. Managers minimize the risk of ‘rogue spreadsheets’ popping up within the organization upon implementation
  1. Time to value can be improved up to 70%
  1. Eliminates the need to customization costs as the entire platform can be configured

Learn how Voyager Portal’s workflow capabilities can help rid your organization of individual ‘ETA trackers’ and other spreadsheets in a matter of weeks! Schedule a demo!

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