Stellium and Voyager Portal Announce Partnership

Stellium and Voyager Portal have announced a first of its kind partnership to bring a fully integrated SAP TM and Bulk shipping operations platform to global markets.  Until now, Transportation Management solutions have struggled to handle the nuances and complexities of global bulk commodity shipping. Instead, TM solutions have been focused on helping businesses manage […]

Why is the tech gap between new and incumbent LNG traders widening?

By Matthew Costello, CEO, Voyager Portal The technological gap between new and incumbent LNG traders is rapidly widening, thus creating more risk for new entrants to the LNG trading market.  When the MV Methane Pioneer left the U.S. Gulf Coast in 1959 to transport the first LNG cargo to the UK, software to manage shipments was […]

Delighting your customers, in a crazy, broken, supply-chain world

“Supply chain” may just be the hottest topic in the world at the moment. Companies are scrambling to shore up their supply chain — looking for reliability, predictability, and quality. So how can you ensure that, within this chaos, your customers don’t look elsewhere for better service? You do this by deploying a strategy of […]

Why it’s time to start tracking maritime shippers’ CO2 output

Turbine Vessel Voyager Portal

In April, President Joe Biden pledged to slash US greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. This countrywide goal follows a number of Fortune 500 companies (think oil majors like ExxonMobil, industrial heavyweights like Lockheed Martin, and agricultural giants like Cargill) who have already committed to dates this decade to significantly decrease emissions. Other recent […]

Lack of supply chain visibility particularly acute in project logistics

Voyager wind Brownsville

Article by Janet Nodar, Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift Supply chain visibility — or rather, the lack thereof — is a chronic frustration across the transport logistics supply chain, and nowhere more so than in project logistics. On the container transport side, a slew of platforms, modal specialists, and supply chain management (SCM) providers […]