Shipping operations
made easy

A modern, data-driven approach to managing your marine shipping-cargo

In 4 quick steps, we transform your operations

Handle constant changes and information overload with a single platform.

Low-code workflows help you do more with less

Low-code workflows - Voyager

Assign workflow tasks to your service providers and let Voyager do the chasing

Share workflows with your network with customized permissions and viewing rights

Build workflows to manage demurrage, nominations, appointments, inventory and 1000’s of use cases

Marine documents visibility - Voyager Software

Extend Visibility to Your Network

Provide free, permission-based access to your colleagues, service providers and customers

24/7 access allows your customers to self self-serve, documents, updates and tasks

Track and log every interaction for a complete audit trail

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Duplication

All your marine documents and data in one place for the organization to access

Automate your data collection via API or SmartLink

Single point data entry ensures anything you do enter can be used across the platform

Automate marine data collection - Voyager Software
Voyager software route itinerary

Optimize Your Marine Supply Chain

Use your marine data to predict vessel arrivals
Dynamically monitor inventory levels at key refining and distribution hubs
Automate your KPI tracking and document creation

Voyager is trusted by leading shipowners, brokers, agents, surveyors, producers, traders and terminals worldwide.

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