End-to-end Bulk Shipping Operations Management

Voyager helps companies reduce cost, risk, and complexity in their operations.

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360 Marine Supply Chain Visibility

Voyage Operations

Collaborate with your internal teams and third parties in a single place. Capture Voyage Operations data seamlessly and get KPIs and reports updated in real-time.

ETA Tracking

Noon Reports

STS Transfers/ Lightering

P&L Management

Demurrage Claims & Settlements

Simplify your full Demurrage Claims & Settlements process with automated SOF parcing and intelligent laytime calculations. That way your team can spend time on analyzing business insights instead of focusing on manual tasks.

SOF Processing

Laytime Calculator

Claims Negotiation



Manage your full Chartering process by capturing quotes directly from Carriers and Brokers, creating and sharing vetting forms, executing nominations and building contracts directly in the platform.




C/P Clean Recaps

Voyager allows businesses to connect with various systems via customized APIs

Wet, Dry and Break Bulk Shipping

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Bulk voyages executed within Voyager
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Companies collaborating through the portal
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