Demurrage intelligence for commercial

Voyager helps commodity shippers identify root causes of demurrage, reduce risk and streamline the entire fixture process.

Trusted by some of the biggest commodity shippers in the world

Understand & benchmark your demurrage exposure

to choose the best ports, terminals and stakeholders to do business with.

Port Call - Laytime usage KPIs'
36.5 hours

NOR To All Fast (average)

5.9 hours

Awaiting Time (average)

23.8 hours

Undisclosed Time (average)

6.8  hours

Shifting Time (average)

Cargo Suspension Times

Laytime Used

Number of claims

Calculate laytime automatically with the power of AI

Maximize chartering and logistics efficiency

Calculate laytime automatically with the power of AI, processing SoFs 90% faster.

Visualize your key indicators in real-time

Track every voyage, claim and commercial KPI from pre to post fixture.

Total Claims Received

$ 67,800,000

Settled Amount

$ 65,300,000

Demurrage Savings

$ 25,000,000

Flexible Pre & Post Fixture Workflows

Manage your complete voyage operations in one single source of truth.

Seamless data flow between your current applications

Connect Voyager to your ERP,
C/ETRM or TMS system.

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